Retirement Income Center Website Makes Its Debut

In the works since the beginning of the year, Retirement Income Center’s website made its debut on September 1st.

The long-awaited release of Retirement Income Center’s website is finally here. In the works since the beginning of the year when Retirement Income Center (RIC) succeeded Financial Design Center (FDC), RIC’s website,, made its official debut on September 1st.

Robert Klein, President of Retirement Income Center, and the creator and author of Retirement Income Visions™, a weekly blog featuring innovative strategies for creating and optimizing retirement income that recently celebrated its three-year anniversary, designed and wrote all of the material for the website. RIC’s site is hosted by TypePad® which also hosts Retirement Income Visions™ blog.

Bob said, “I’m extremely excited about the launch of Retirement Income Center’s website. It provides me with yet another tool to demonstrate my passion for retirement income planning. More importantly, it enables me to offer a much-needed educational resource for clients and non-clients alike to help them learn about and appreciate the complex world of retirement income planning. When linked with Retirement Income Visions™, I would dare to say that this combination is one of the internet’s leading providers of independent authoritative information on this subject.”

RIC’s website promotes Retirement Income Center’s motto: Planning, Managing, and Protecting Your Retirement Income™. Per “Looking for a Retirement Income Planner?” on the home page of RIC’s site, “Planning, managing, and protecting retirement income is no small task. Very few firms offer all three services. Investment advisory firms’ services are generally asset-based. They rarely offer or recommend sustained income management solutions that are an integral part of any retirement income plan.”

The website is easy to navigate, with the firm’s motto dictating the site’s three main menu choices: PLANNING, MANAGING, and PROTECTING. Unlike many websites that are often static, RIC’s site, similar to retirement income planning, is dynamic. This is evidenced by the home page which features Retirement Income Visions™ current blog post in the left-hand column and a customized Twitter feed of “Retirement Income Planning News” and links to “Recent Retirement Income Visions™ Posts” in the right-hand column.

RIC’s website provides a portal to the firm’s Retirement Income System. The system is Retirement Income Center’s retirement income planning, management, and protection system for its clients. It serves as a highly secure, up-to-date window into clients’ entire financial world that’s accessible at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection or mobile device.

As stated in the title of the first page in the PLANNING section, “Retirement Income Planning Isn’t Optional.” Per this page, “The consequences of not having a dynamic retirement income plan that’s managed and protected from unforeseen events can be costly at the least and potentially financially and emotionally devastating. This applies to the individuals who fail to plan as well as to their family, and, potentially to their living and unborn heirs.”

Robert Klein, CPA, PFS, CFP®, CLTC is the founder of Retirement Income Center, a Registered Investment Advisor. The firm is located at 5020 Campus Drive in Newport Beach, California.

By Robert Klein

Robert Klein, CPA, PFS, CFP®, RICP®, CLTC® is the founder and president of Retirement Income Center in Newport Beach, California. Bob is also the sole proprietor of Robert Klein, CPA. Bob applies his unique background, experience, expertise, and specialization in tax-sensitive retirement income planning strategies to optimize the longevity of his clients’ after-tax retirement income and assets. He does this as an independent financial advisor using customized holistic planning solutions based on each client’s needs and personality.