Retirement Income Center has established relationships with various highly-respected professional organizations and platforms to provide the firm’s clients with its comprehensive array of planning, management, and protection services.


Single Page Financial Clarity

Asset-Map helps us quickly understand what’s important to our clients so that we can prioritize financial goals and more easily create and manage a plan that gives clients confidence. We do this by laying out an entire household’s finances on one simple-to-understand page.

Retirement Income System

Retirement Income Center relies on eMoney to help our clients plan for their retirement. As a leader in the industry, eMoney delivers the solutions to help clients realize their financial goals. We use this comprehensive wealth management platform to organize, manage, and simplify their financial life.

Social Security Benefit Maximization

We understand that Social Security timing is an important decision our clients need to make when planning for retirement. Retirement Income Center consults with to design and implement customized Social Security strategies to help maximize our clients’ benefits and make the best choice.

Income Tax Planning

Bob Klein has been using Bloomberg Income Tax Planner throughout his career to confidently tackle complex tax planning scenarios, reduce liabilities and present the most advantageous strategies to Retirement Income Center’s clients, all while working with the latest federal and state tax law.


Investment Custodian

Retirement Income Center has chosen TD Ameritrade Institutional as our investment custodian. TD Ameritrade’s award-winning and industry-leading technology enable us to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.


Portfolio Management

Morningstar Office is Morningstar’s premier investment research and management platform for independent financial advisors. Its comprehensive and timely data helps Retirement Income Centers’ clients achieve their financial goals.



Income Annuity and Insurance Services

Crump is Retirement Income Center’s insurance agency of choice for implementing insurance-based retirement income planning and protection strategies. These include fixed income annuities and life, disability, and long term care insurance solutions.

Housing Wealth Expertise

As part of its holistic approach to retirement income planning, Retirement Income Center has recognized the importance of discussing housing wealth strategies with its soon-to-be and retired clients. All Reverse Mortgage is a California-based company that was founded in 2004 that specializes exclusively in reverse mortgages.


Compensation Disclosure
Neither Retirement Income Center nor any of its employees receive compensation from any affiliates except for Crump. Robert Klein receives a commission from Crump for implementation of insurance services in his capacity as a life insurance agent. This includes fixed, fixed index, and fixed income annuities and life, disability, and long term care insurance. All commissions payable by Crump to Robert Klein are disclosed to Retirement Income Center’s clients.
Furthermore, neither Retirement Income Center nor any of its employees receive any fees, commissions, or other forms of compensation from affiliates for the referral of any clients to products or services. Finally, neither Retirement Income Center nor any of its employees receive discounts or any other form of compensation from any affiliates for inclusion on Retirement Income Center’s website.