5 Lifetime Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Spouse

5 Lifetime Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Spouse

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The mad scramble is on. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what should you buy your spouse to show him/her your everlasting love and appreciation? Forget about traditional gifts such as roses and chocolate that are short-lived and just as quickly forgotten.

Here are five unique ideas you won’t find on Amazon that are designed to fulfill you and your spouse throughout your life. A word of caution:  Brush up on your presentation skills since each one will likely be met with dead silence or outrage depending upon the mood of your spouse.

VD Gift Idea #1:  Eliminate Your Mortgage by Retirement

One of the biggest cash flow challenges for many retirees is their mortgage. When you apply for a mortgage while you’re working, the mortgage amount and associated monthly payment is determined using your employment income.

Although your employment income generally increases, so do your expenses. When you retire, your guaranteed sources of income that are available to cover your mortgage payments are often a small percentage of your former employment income.

Given this common scenario, you should design a plan to eliminate your mortgage by retirement whenever possible. This can include an increase in your monthly payment amount, making bi-weekly payments, or using a portion of bonuses to reduce your outstanding balance. Your plan should be part of an overall strategy that includes various savings vehicles.

VD Gift Idea #2:  Defer Your Social Security Start Date

When your spouse dies, you can generally receive 100 percent of his/her Social Security retirement benefit if (a) the amount exceeds your benefit and (b) you have reached your full retirement age, which is between 66 years and two months and 67 depending upon when you were born. This is the good news.

The bad news is that the monthly amount that you receive for your lifetime could be significantly less than what you would otherwise qualify for depending upon when your spouse began collecting his/her benefits. The difference could be as much as 77% if he/she began collecting benefits at age 62 vs. waiting until 70.

Assuming that your Social Security benefit will be greater than your spouse’s, you’re in good health, you have other financial resources, and your goal is to maximize your spouse’s benefit in the event that you predecease him/her, it behooves you to defer your Social Security starting date as long as possible, up to age 70.

VD Gift #3:  Start a Staged Roth IRA Conversion Plan

While there are several benefits of a staged, or multi-year, Roth IRA conversion plan, one of the least publicized is the ability to reduce a widow or widower’s income tax liability. This is due to the fact that surviving spouses who don’t remarry are subject to higher income taxes.

Distributions from Roth IRA accounts, unlike traditional 401(k) plans and IRAs, generally aren’t taxable. A staged Roth IRA conversion plan can be used when both spouses are alive to convert otherwise taxable assets to nontaxable assets. Although income tax will probably need to be paid on the conversion amounts, the amount will be less in many cases than what will be payable by the surviving spouse, especially if income tax rates increase which is likely after 2025.

VD Gift #4:  Include Sustainable Lifetime Income in Your Retirement Plan

When you retire, you want to minimize sleepless nights by knowing that you have, and will continue to have, sufficient income to cover your expenses. Designing a plan that will provide you and your spouse with sustainable after-tax income streams to cover your non-discretionary expenses throughout different stages of retirement is an effective way to accomplish this goal.

There are five reasons for including sustainable lifetime income in your retirement plan that will benefit you and your spouse:

  • Hedge against longevity
  • Match income to projected expenses
  • Protect against the sequence of returns
  • Increase cash flow from potential income tax savings
  • Simplify your financial life

VD Gift #5:  Create an Extended Care Plan

I saved this idea for last since, although it’s potentially the most beneficial one, it’s also likely to be met with the most resistance. Previously suggested as a birthday gift for parents, it’s also suitable for one’s spouse on Valentine’s Day.

Extended care is the least understood and most under-planned for life event. When it’s needed, extended care takes its biggest toll on family and friends in the absence of a plan. Studies have shown that providing extended care for an individual who is chronically ill can have a devastating effect, both emotionally and financially, on caregivers.

An extended care plan may or may not include long term care insurance. When included, long term care insurance provides a predictable, readily available, tax-free source of funds that can be used to pay for a portion, or potentially all, of one’s extended care expenses without disrupting one’s retirement income plan.

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

While the foregoing Valentine’s Day gift suggestions aren’t traditional and won’t provide immediate gratification, each one is designed to fulfill you and your spouse throughout your life. Furthermore, all of them will eventually be appreciated by both of you, even after the other is gone.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift, include each one as part of a comprehensive retirement income plan. Financial advisor sold separately. Finally, don’t forget the card. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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